We provide the industry’s best commercial outdoor lazertag equipment to parties, groups and organizations throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties for birthday celebrations, special events, group events, fundraisers, corporate team building, fairs and festivals.

Lazertag Extreme provides a mission based lazertag experience. It plays much like paintball or airsoft, but with no projectiles, which means no welts, bruises, mess or expense of constantly purchasing paintballs to continue play.  We use the most advanced IR/RF technology taggers that can be played indoors, outdoors, in daylight and darkness.  They reach further than paintball/airsoft guns, are more accurate and are not affected by wind.  The taggers use an invisible and harmless infrared beam (just like your TV remote) with realistic light and sound effects. Your sensors detect when you have been tagged. It’s entirely safe and fun for all ages.

We can set up in a variety of locations such as: front yards, back yards, parks, schools, event halls, parking lots, tennis courts, gymnasiums, and wilderness areas. You can play team games and scenario games. We have flags, obstacles, and re-spawn centers to enable an experience similar to today’s popular video games such as Halo or Call of Duty. There is no limit to the unique games we can play.


  • Red dot scopes on every tagger
  • Realistic weight, look and feel
  • Range up to 50 yards
  • Burst, semi-auto or full auto capability
  • Adjustable stocks
  • Multiple sensors without the usual head bands
  • Safe portable barriers that provide hiding spots for your players


Mobile lazertag is a great addition for any event:

  • Schools Events
  • Family Days/Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Post Prom Party
  • Freshman Orientations and mixers
  • Rush week activities
  • Summer Camps
  • Fairs and Festivals


Premium – $550 (great for larger groups of 20 or more)

  • Suggested minimum setup area: 40′ x 80′
  • 2 Hour lazertag event
  • 20 Professional Grade Taggers
  • 16 Arena Bunkers (the barriers to create the playing field)
  • 2 Health Regeneration Boxes
  • 3 Professional Referees that will run your event
  • Award ceremony and special gift for the guest of honor

Standard – $375 (good groups of 12 to 18)

  • Suggested minimum setup area: 30′ x 60′
  • 2 Hour lazertag event
  • 12 Professional Grade Taggers
  • 8 Arena Bunkers
  • 2 Health Regeneration Boxes
  • 2 Professional Referees that will run the event
  • Award ceremony and special gift for the guest of honor

For all packages:

  • Additional taggers – $25 each for the duration of the event
  • Additional hours – $75 per hour at time of booking, $100 at time of event
  • Additional staff – $25 per hour per staff member
  • $100 Non-refundable deposit required to hold your party date
  • Additional mileage charge will apply for locations more than 20 miles from our Simi Valley location.
  • If you are thinking of having the event at a park, we are approved vendors with Conejo Valley Parks & Rec, Camarillo Parks & Rec and Simi Valley Parks & Rec for Rancho Simi park.