Lazertag Extreme is committed to helping our local community and offers a great way to raise money for your non-profit group.  Parent Faculty Associations, Youth Groups, Youth Sports Teams or any other 501c non-profit group can raise over $1000 in just a few hours and offer something that is way more fun than candy or magazines!

Earn money for your group and have a great time in the process. On Monday or during our other normally closed hours, you can host a 3 hour fundraising event for up to 150 people at Lazertag Extreme for $600.  Your guests will enjoy 3 hours of unlimited lazertag and access to all our facility has to offer. We suggest a ticket price of $20, but you can charge as much as you like.

  • Sell 150 tickets at $20 = $3000, you keep $2400!

  • Sell 120 tickets at $20 = $2400, you keep $1800!

  • Sell 100 tickets at $20 = $2000, you keep $1400!

Private fundraisers require:

  • $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date

  • $500 due on the date of the event

  • May be rescheduled with 3 weeks advance notice

If your group is smaller or you prefer to come in during our regular hours, we have crafted a ticketed fundraiser.  You sell $20 tickets that are good for 2 hours of unlimited lazertag for the date and time of your fundraiser.  Your cost is only $10.00 for each ticket sold.  You must sell a minimum of 30 to amaximum of 80 tickets.

  • Sell 40 Tickets at $20 = $800, you keep $400

  • Sell 80 tickets at $20 = $1600, you keep $800

Semi- Private fundraisers require:

  • $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your dates

  • Balance due for tickets sold at the start of the event

  • May be rescheduled with 3 weeks advance notice

  • All semi-private fundraiser events must allow casual players to participate in missions

  • Optional drinks, food, and party rooms are also available for an additional charge

Receive 30% of total sales!  Choose any Wednesday or Thursday night to plan your Flyer Night and we will donate 30% of your group’s purchase of regular priced lazertag and food items right back to you!

Fundraisers are NOT available Friday, Saturday, Sunday before 5pm, or holidays.

We can also host a fundraiser at your facility with our mobile lazertag options! Click the buttons below to learn about mobile tag.

Please contact our Manager, Nancy, at 805-577-8400 or email us at with questions or to reserve your date!