Corporate Events and Team Building

Lazertag Extreme corporate events are the ideal option for businesses looking to inspire and reward their employees and colleagues with a high intensity, exhilarating and memorable experience.

Lazertag is a high-tech version of tag combined with hide and seek that can break down the barriers of conversation and drive real socialization among your staff in our state of the art multi-level arena. We can accommodate up to 40 players at one time divided into as many as 8 teams playing one of a multitude of different mission formats. You begin with a short mission to get familiar with the equipment and arena, then each team has a chance to strategize to maximize team points or meet the mission objective. After each mission, players get their scorecards with all the details of their personal and team game achievements. We offer the perfect blend of activities for building team morale or just letting off steam! We also have many other activities to keep everyone occupied between missions with over 35 arcade games, karaoke and more. We can also plan some great icebreaker or competition games.

Our facility is ready to energize your team!

  • 5,200 sq. ft. multi-level “interactive” lazertag arena

  • Brand new lazertag equipment

  • Hot new arcade and redemption games

  • 3 Private Party rooms that can be combined into one large room

  • Great food options from our catering menu

  • Beer is also available for sale

Sit back and relax while we take care of all the details from setup to cleanup, while you and your guests socialize and have fun! Our facility can accommodate 295 people with seating for up to 100. We are fully staffed with the friendliest facilitators in all of Ventura County and equipped for your technical and entertainment needs including projection systems, PA and wireless internet access. Special requests are welcome to make your event more unique and memorable. Lazertag Extreme has great catering options and we are happy to accommodate you outside of our normal business hours.


Customize your package with additional Lazertag Missions, tokens and of course a variety of catering options.

If you would like to just come in for team fun during our regular hours, we can even ensure private lazertag missions with a game buyout.

Premium Package - $25 per player (minimum 20 players)

  • 2 Lazertag Missions

  • 20 Tokens

  • Unlimited Soft Drinks

  • Utensils and tableware

  • Private Room(s)

Basic Package - $15 per player (minimum 20 players)

  • 1 Lazertag Mission

  • 10 Tokens

  • Unlimited Soft Drinks

  • Utensils and tableware

  • Private Room(s)